Adele Dazeem

Idina Menze name was misspoken by John Travolta when he introduced her as Adele Dazeem

19 Jul

Professional Closet Organizing

Posted in Home and Family on 19.07.14

Take An Inventory Of Your Entire Wardrobe. Decide what you wear most often, seldom, or what you not wear at all. Remove the items you haven't worn in over a year and donate them to charity.Donate items that do not fit. Anything that is damaged beyond reasonable repair should be trashed.Make a decision as to what needs to be put in storage.Determining what to keep in the closet based on seasonal needs.Garments should be organized by type and then by color.As an example, blouses can first be by ...

04 May

Fox 24 Live Another Day To Feature Jack Bauer 24 Watches

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 04.05.14

This isn't just the official timepiece for 24: Live Another Day, but a watch that will be featured in the show as well as one that people will be able to buy starting in the summer of 2014. What makes the 24 Live Another Day CTU watch interesting is that Fox Studios commissioned a totally original item and it isn't from a major brand. This makes a lot of sense for a television series so involved in tracking time, and it is cool to see the producers engage in such efforts. In fact, if you ...

30 Apr

Watch Dancing with the Stars Season 12 Episode 17 Online

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 30.04.14

U.S. reality show based on the British series "Strictly Come Dancing," where celebrities partner up with professional dancers and compete against each other in weekly elimination rounds to determine a winner. Watch Dancing with the Stars Season 12 Episode 17 Online here: Watch Dancing with the Stars Season 12 Episode 17 Online Dancing with the Stars is a unique series that pairs up celebrities with professional ballroom dance partners in an intense competition -- live -- in front of a studio ...

27 Apr

Hippie Fashion 2010 | Hippie Fashion,Hippie Style

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 27.04.14

The 1960s fashion is used till today as this decade was marked as the time when there were major social changes and was dominated by the youth. These were the years after the world war two, when the baby boomers were the youth and demanded to have their own fashion styles and set their trends their way. Because of the huge fashion saga, the designers in the 1960s too responded more liberally and had a daring approach to these styles picking them up in their designing. The 1960s fashion due to ...

26 Apr

Vikas Bhalla Music Album Akhiyan on NyooTV

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 26.04.14

‘Akhiyan' is an unreleased love ballad by Vikas Bhalla. It is a beautiful soulful folk number from the soils of Punjab which has Vikas at his melodious best, with his own interpretation of the haunting melody. This single is being released by Times Music and can be viewed exclusively on, which promotes all music releases by Times Music. Vikas Bhalla is an Indian actor and singer. He made his acting debut as a lead actor with the film ‘Sauda' in 1995, opposite yesteryears actress ...

25 Apr

Understanding the Inspiration Behind the Works of Gustav Klimt

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 25.04.14

The beauty of Byzantine churches which boast shining gold mosaic domes along with gorgeous art are seen through the entire Mediterranean area, especially in Sicily, with Cathedrals including Monreale and Italy, with St Marks in Venice. The shimmering hues of silk (whose creation was a state secret inside the Empire) along with gold and enamels created explosively colorful murals. The Byzantines seemed to be cognizant of their particular influence on those who visited their churches and seemed ...

22 Apr

10 Best Movies of the 70's Now Available on Blu-ray

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 22.04.14

Many people have called the 1970's the second Golden Age of Cinema, on par with movies produced during the late 1920s up to the late 1950s. With new directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese coming onto the scene, it's very hard to argue this fact. The 70's were without a doubt a time of great storytelling, producing high quality movies driven by characters more so than by plot. Great movies that still hold up today. Below are some of these 70's ...

19 Apr

Live Music Is The Heart Of A Party Get A Live Band For The Next Birthday Party In Phoenix

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 19.04.14

Live music band might be just the solution you were looking for when organizing your son's birthday party. Remembering the catastrophe last year, you know that you have to do something to keep the little monsters busy and tired, and dancing might be the solution. Kids love having birthday parties. Gifts, clowns, friends, live animals, cakes, they dream of all that from one year to the  next. You, on the other hand, remember only the screaming, spilled juice, dog in the cake, kids in the pool, ...

16 Apr

All time best family Movies: Top Best Family Movies

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 16.04.14

Family movies are non-offensive, wholesome, and entertaining films that do not include topics or scenes with violence, foul language and other profanity, religious issues, gratuitous sexuality.  Hollywood has produced several family movies, but out of which only few family movies hit the charts as Hollywood's top films. Book+Cover+JPEGFamily oriented films may actually be suitable for all age groups, and cover a wide range of genre categories. Mostly, family movies are based on children children's-related ...

15 Apr

Guide To The Greatest 70s Songs

Posted in Art and Entertainment on 15.04.14

Most people tend to associate the 70s with either one of two genres: classic rock or disco. Many argue that the disco movement of the late 70s overshadowed all other genres, however, many argue otherwise.Nevertheless there were a couple of songs which literally defined this decade and will always be associated as anthems from this classic era of music. This short article will outline just 3 of them.Staying Alive ? The Bee GeesWhat do you think when you hear this song? Saturday Night Fever? John ...